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Grooming is an essential part of horse care. Here you'll find articles on all aspects of horse grooming, including his coat, hooves and tail. ...

Video: See How to Braid a Tail Bun

Watch as author Cherry Hill, a tail-management pro, demonstrates her clever "tail bun" technique. ...

What Your Horse's Tail Tells You

Whether wispy or luxurious, flowing, braided or banged, a horse's tail is perhaps his most beautiful and versatile physical feature. Much more than mere ornament or glorified flyswatter, the tail...

Enter the Mane 'n Tail® Ireland Equestrian Vacation Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win a trip for two on the Mane 'n Tail® Galway & Clare Trail Ride in Galway, Ireland! Or, you could win a pair...

Apply a Tail Extension

Active show horses’ tails take a lot of abuse: rubbing while shipping, snagging on buckets and repeated braiding. To compensate for hair loss, many exhibitors use artificial tailpieces. Here are...

For Girls Only: Tail Care for Mares

1. Repeated drenching with urine--due to forceful urination, and/or dribbling during heat periods--can bleach portions of a mare's tail, leaving her with unsightly dry and brittle locks. 2. Compare the urine-damaged...

Daily Grooming Routine for Dressage Horses

Each day Before you start grooming, wrap the tail in a damp tail bandage to help keep the hairs lying flat along the root. Slide it down to remove it when...

Keep Your Horse's Tail Mud-Free

An overnight downpour has turned the trails to mud. You know you’ll be cleaning horse and tack if you go for a ride, but your horse is eager to stretch...

Tail Knots Step-By-Step

"If you use a bag, you have to attach it to something--usually the base of the tail--and that can cause breakage," she said. "Instead, we use knots to keep it...

How to Stop a Tail Chewer

In the October 2005 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, we talked about getting to the root causes of tail rubbing. But what if the tail problem in your pasture...

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