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Basic Schooling

Here you will find articles on the basic schooling and training of the horse, from working on the ground to starting out under saddle....

Western Dressage Basic Test

The May 2012 Talk page reported that the Pinto Horse Association has added Western Dressage to it's world show lineup for 2012. To see a basic test of this fast-growing...

Basic Trailer Training

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" Trailer loading is not a BIG deal. It is just heeding. When you step forward, the horse steps forward. When you stop, the horse stops. Your horse stays by...

Basic Equine Wellness Check

I believe people can learn to do basic wellness checks on their horses in the course of routine grooming and tacking the horse up. If you develop...

Three Basic Cross-Country Riding Positions

It's very difficult to simulate dynamic riding positions while a horse is stationary, but Susan Friend gamely gave it a try for us on her Thoroughbred gelding, Felix the Cat. 1....

Options in Basic Equine Insurance

[/caption] The basic types of coverage purchased by most horse owners are mortality and major medical policies, which roughly correspond to life and health insurance for people. Generally, mortality insurance reimburses...

Beyond Basic Equine Dental Care

Most horses will get through life just fine with little more than regular dental checkups and occasional floating to correct uneven wear. But equine dental specialists also offer a variety...

Basic Clicker Training for Your Horse

Most of the training horses get is negative: pressure in the mouth or against the ribs, say. If the horse obeys, the pressure lets up; his reward is to be...

Book Excerpt: The Lusitano Horse, Basic Lineages

Any experienced breeder knows that there is much more than just matching a mare and a horse to breed good animals. They also know that there are hundreds of different...

Basic Qualities of the Perfect Fly Sheet

When you're really serious about keeping flies OFF of your horse, fly sheets can protect him with new types of fabric and innovations that improve fit to help sheets stay...

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