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Gimmick-Free Bits

Know the difference between a fad and a trend? A fad starts fast and ends fast. A trend starts slow and lasts far longer than a fad. Gimmicky bits are...

Types of Bits

[/caption] Too Many Choices A popular feature of many tack shops is the "Bit Wall". This is usually a rather intimidating array of different types of bit, each with different features...

How Bits are Named

The Bit Gallery [/caption] The names of the various types of bit are taken from the characteristics of the bit in question. The most basic names are taken from either the bit rings,...

Loud Bits Destroy Communication

Training "Mythunderstandings" A lot of people think you train horses with equipment. This is one of the biggest MythUnderstandings out there. Try this bit, try that bit. If those don't work,...

Trail Bits & Bridles

Comfortable Trail Bit The mild Myler HBT Shank MB 33 bit is designed for comfort. The design and curved mouthpiece allow your horse to swallow properly, while the short (five-inch) shanks...

Snaffle Bits and Chin Straps

True snaffle bits, with rings that attach directly to the corners of the mouthpiece, are "direct pulling" devices. They act on the tongue, lips, and corners...

A Bit About Horse Bits

[/caption] No one knows exactly when humans discovered they could control their horses with some sort of device in the animal’s mouth, but ancient art, literature, biblical references (such as Psalm...

Expert Answer: Three-Ring Snaffle Bits

Question: I've noticed recently that many jumpers are going in three-ring snaffle bits. What are these strange-looking bits used for, and how do they work? Corey Bechtle Earlville, Penn. Answer from Margie...

The Bit Gallery - Fitting Snaffle Bits

Depending on your horse's facial conformation, you'll need to choose what width of bit you need. Bits range from the smallest pony-sized bits (approx 3 and a half inches wide) to...

The Bit Gallery - Curb Bits

Curb bits are leverage bits. They act on the horse's mouth, poll and chin in several ways. The mouthpiece acts as a fulcrum. When contact is taken...

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