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EQUUS Consultants: Injection Reactions in Horses

[/caption] Question: I have a couple of horses that have an unpleasant reaction to having shots: Wherever the needle goes in, a bump appears. Eventually the bump diminishes, but it does...

Take Part in EQUUS Magazine's Conformation Analysis Series

Want to better understand your horse's conformation? Consider submitting a photo to internationally recognized anatomy and biomechanics expert Deb Bennett, PhD. But please note: Rather than taking a "halter class"...

Digital Tendon Sheath Problems

The digital tendon sheath is a structure that surrounds the flexor tendons as they course behind the fetlock. The sheath begins approximately four inches above the fetlocks,...

Glossary of Equine Terms - B

Back at the Knee: A conformational fault where the upper leg is set back in comparison to the lower leg. This fault is more serious than over at the...

Capped Hock

[/caption] What You See A soft, fluid-filled swelling, about the size of a kiwi fruit, sticking up from the point of your horse's hock. Your horse isn't lame, and he doesn't seem...

How to Identify Pastern Problems

Ah, the well-turned pastern: slender, shapely, yet incredibly strong, the bearer of thousands of pounds of pressure relentlessly imposed during the million steps of a lifetime. So much rides on...

Create a Peaceful Kingdom: Turnout Safety

Give your horses sufficient space and adequate resources, and they will develop their own peaceable kingdom. New Bolton Center maintains a semi-feral research herd of 75 horses, and McDonnell observes...

Weber Wins 2010 USEF National Four-in-Hand Driving Title

Ocala, Fla., April 6, 2010 -- With impending storms looming, the fourth and final day of the Live Oak International presented by US Trust featured a difficult cones phase March...

Conformation Clinic: Aged Mares

Whether I'm judging a halter class or evaluating a prospect for myself, the qualities I look for in a horse are balance, correct leg structure, breed/gender characteristics, and evenly distributed...

Conformation Clinic: 4-Year-Old Geldings

Whether I'm judging a halter or performance class, the qualities I look for in a horse conformation are balance, correct structure, eye appeal, and adequate muscling. (The latter is especially...

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