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Articles on horse breeding and equine reproduction, care of the pregnant mare, the foaling process, equine color genetics and more. ...

Special Report: Breeding Today

With the economy, the horse market, and the world at large in the recessed states they're in, here's a piece of news that shouldn't come as a big...

Broodmares and Breeding Season

I'm writing this article at the end of another mare breeding season (in June). I am annually and perennially reminded during the course of the season the...

Breeding Horses For Color

Genetic researchers are discovering Nature's secrets for producing horses with tobiano, overo and appaloosa horse breed patterns. Horse breeders are putting the recipes to work. ...

Breeding the Purebred Spanish Horse

Since Roman times, horses have been bred in the southern part of Spain for battle and entertainment. More than 2,000 years later, descendants of those same horses continue to serve,...

Dressage Horse Breeding at Dalhem

[/caption] There is something to be said for successful dressage horse breeding. Dressage Olympian Jan Brink rode the Swedish Warmblood stallion Briar in a long and consistently...

Savvy Breeding Do's and Don'ts

Do look for characteristics of any good equine athlete: a supple, powerful, forward way of moving a clean, refined throatlatch and a jaw channel wide enough to fit your fist in withers blending...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Stallion Breeding Age

Question: I have a 2-year-old colt. He has dropped one testicle. Can he breed my mares if they come in heat, and will they settle? Usually I would have had...

Iron Spring Farm Releases Breeding DVD

Coatesville, Pa., April 11, 2006 -- Iron Spring Farm has just released a new DVD, "Guide to Successful Breeding with AI." The professionally produced DVD offers mare owners and breeders...

EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Mare Breeding Age

Question: At what age is it safe for a filly to breed? My filly is 2 years old. Also, at what age can a miniature mare be bred? Answer: A mini...

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