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Information and articles on lameness in horses, including conditions that cause lameness, their diagnosis and treatment. ...

Physical Causes of Canter Lead Problems

[/caption] The concept of leads at the canter or lope is simple enough:When a horse is on the correct lead, he starts each stride with the outside hind leg and ends...

What Causes Stocking Up and How to Prevent It

Question: My horse is usually turned out 24/7, but I've been leaving him in his stall during the day because of hot weather. When I bring him out of his...

Common Causes of Poor Feed Intake and Performance in Horses

By Katherine K. Williamson, DVM, Manager, Veterinary Services, Land O’Lakes Purina® Feed One of the most common manifestations of health problems in horses is poor feed consumption and horse weight loss....

Back Pain Causes May Play a Game of Hide and Seek

Your horse's back is like a bridge, spanning the expanse between his shoulder/front leg and his pelvis/hind leg. However, instead of a solidly supported structure...


Information on horse health care, from first aid and lameness to horse rescue and trailering....

The hows and whys of lameness exams

[/caption] When searching for the cause of lameness in a horse, a veterinarian follows a methodical lameness exam protocol. Knowing a bit about how that exam is conducted is important to...

Your Horse's Back Pain: Possible causes

A systematic investigation of back pain examines the horse's history and environment for possible causes of soreness. If the riding part of your examination really pressed your horse's pain buttons,...

Common Causes of Weight Loss in OTTBs

Insufficient calories: If a horse is not receiving enough calories via a combination of roughage and grain, he will lose weight, especially as his "race-fit" muscling disappears. Over the years...

Causes of a "Cold Back" in Horses

[/caption] A “cold back” has nothing to do with temperature but with a general soreness in a horse’s back muscles that subsides after he begins to move. A cold-backed horse sometimes...

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