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Do you know when to call the equine dentist? Here you'll find everything there is to know about equine dentistry--from baby teeth to senior horse tooth care....

Advancements in Equine Dentistry and Equine Dentistry Procedures

I have observed in recent years changes taking place in how routine equine dentistry is done. These changes have come about for several reasons and they all benefit the...

Horses Require Regular Dentistry and Teeth Floating for Proper Chewing

If you've been involved in the horse world for a while, no doubt you've read and heard that horses need to have their teeth floated on...

Horse Care

Information on every aspect of horse care and equine management, from health and nutrition to grooming and hoof care....


Information on horse health care, from first aid and lameness to horse rescue and trailering....

How to Find an Equine Dentist

To find a reputable equine dentist, first ask your vet about his or her dentistry skills. Your vet may have taken continuing-education courses in equine dentistry, and invested the time...

Not-So-Sweet: Why Your Horse's Breath Stinks

[/caption] Give your horse a kiss on the nose and you may catch a whiff of sweet grain, fresh hay and perhaps the peppermint candy you just gave him. But if...

Common Equine Dental Problems

When your veterinarian begins describing your horse's oral anatomy--or what might be abnormal about it--you may feel as if you need an interpreter. Sure, some terms such as "overbite" and...

Check Your Horse's Mouth

Photos © Grady Kimbrell Your horse abruptly stops eating. Maybe he starts quidding (dropping wads of partially chewed hay on the ground). He’s resistant when you bridle him or fussy while...

Your Horse's Dental Care

The Dental Exam Equine dentistry begins with a good dental exam. "A proper dental exam If Affiliate marketers are not successful in mentioning gamers towards the the best casinos online...

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