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Information about equine parasites and deworming programs for horses....

Sample Deworming Plans

Below are some sample deworming programs. Fecal egg counts are an important tool for monitoring the effectiveness of your horse's deworming program and are critical if you decide to decrease...

Focus Your Deworming Efforts

Resistance to dewormers is extensive and officially includes almost all deworming drugs except ivermectin and moxidectin. However, with isolated reports of possible ivermectin resistance beginning to appear in horses, as...

Smart Shots and Deworming

One of the most confusing aspects of horse ownership can be sorting out annual vaccinations and deworming plans. There are so many different shots and deworming products available on the...

Simple Deworming regimen

As science advances, internal parasitic control has become easier and easier. There are numerous products on the market designed to combat all the intestinal parasites that threaten horses. In...

Design a Top-Notch Deworming Program

When it comes to deworming your horse, are you flying by the seat of your pants? Time to get grounded. A haphazard deworming program puts him at risk for increased...

Horse Vaccination and Deworming Primer

An effective vaccination and deworming program is a critical component to keeping your horse healthy. Vaccinations help protect your horse against diseases by stimulating his immune system to fight back when...

Deworming Your Horse with Clinton Anderson

[/caption] Deworming should be a worry-free, routine practice that takes place several times a year. Is your horse difficult to deworm? If so, he may have had a bad deworming experience ...

EQUUS Special Report: The Deworming Revolution

The era of one-size-fits-all equine deworming programs is over. Indiscriminate overuse of deworming products has led to increasing resistance among some parasite populations to their effects, and scientists warn that the...

One Simple Tip for More Effective Deworming

[/caption] You may be quite adept at squirting paste dewormer into your horse’s mouth. But even with the best technique you won’t succeed in delivering the medication if you don’t make...

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