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How Psyllium Can Help Reduce Equine Obesity

Obese and insulin-resistant horses may benefit from the addition of psyllium to their diet. Made from the husk of seeds of the shrub-like herb called Plantago ovata, psyllium is a high-fiber...

Equine EDU


Feeding Options for Senior Horses, Part Two

As our horses get older, we often encounter difficult situations associated with the aging process. In this column, we’ll explore respiratory conditions, body weight concerns, optimal haircoat and skin condition,...

Purina® Equine Senior® Horse Feed Quiz


Spring Grass Cautions

Luxurious spring grass is nature's way of restocking important nutrients after a horse has survived a long, hard winter. Strong re-growth of grass coincides with the natural foaling season, providing...

Job, Internship Openings at the Equine Network

Dressage Today Interns - Ongoing Dressage Today is seeking interns. Gain great experience writing, proofing, helping with day-to-day production and being part of the DT team. The office is ...

Illustrated Guide: Body Condition Score System

The body condition score (BCS) system offers an objective method of estimating a horse's body fat levels. Developed 25 years ago by Don Henneke, PhD, as part of his doctoral research, the...

New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions for Your Horse

Is your horse obese? According to, horses suffer from obesity just as humans do, and a significant percentage are overweight. Obesity in horses can cause...

Nutritional Support for Seasoned Show Horses

By Karen E. Davison, Ph.D., Equine Nutrition Specialist, Land O’Lakes Purina® Feed Mature, seasoned show horses are treasures and their owners want to do everything possible to keep them healthy, happy...

Founder Factors in Three Horses

Editor's note: In the October 2009 issue of Horse & Rider, Dr. Barb Crabbe explores how various metabolic disorders can increase your horse's risk of laminitis ("Founder Factors: Cushing's and...

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