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Learn more about horse fencing, like electric horse fencing, wire horse fencing and the best kind of horse fencing for your horse pasture....

Fencing Options

known to shatter if hit. Flat, flexible vinyl strips reinforced with cables give a similar look for less money and they’re more forgiving ...

Glossary of Fencing Terms

(Note: Italicized words are defined elsewhere within the glossary.) Barbed wire: Metal strands with sharp metal barbs woven in along its length. Broken rail fencing: See post-and-rail fencing. Continuous-mesh fencing: Barrier made from...

Temporary Paddock Fencing Options

[/caption] A temporary paddock is a great option to have along whenever you travel with your horse. Use these tips to decide which of the two basic types is best for...

Nine Facts About Electric Fencing

Do place ground rods in permanently damp ground. About 95 percent of all electric fence problems are due to poor grounding. Don't use a charger box or energizer that...

Horse Fencing Ideas and Considerations

Sponsored By RAMMfence [/caption] Give That Old Fence New Life During the course of your daily chores, you probably encounter areas of your horse fencing system that need some serious help. You...

Tips for Effective Electric Fencing

To function at its best, your electric fence needs to deliver a consistently strong jolt all the way around. By wiring temporary and permanent gates as shown in the following...

Electric Pasture Fencing for Horses

Electric pasture fencing is a quick, inexpensive way to contain horses and to make existing fences safer and longer lasting. A mild shock of the electric pasture...

Donation, Sponsorship Request Guidelines

The Equine Network is committed to being part of the equine community and working collaboratively with groups and organizations that desire to make a positive impact on the...

A Guide to Fencing for Your Horse

[/caption] Tips on Hiring a Fence Contractor Good fences start with proper installation. While some horse owners install their own fences, most rely on a fence contractor for professional installation to ensure...

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