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First Aid

Information about equine first aid, including vital signs, caring for wounds and more. ...

Essential First Aid Kit

The Boy Scouts have a motto that I am sure you are all familiar with00"Be Prepared." This motto stands very well in many aspects of life and never more...

Horse First Aid Kit

It's difficult enough to keep your wits about you when dealing with an emergency or injury. It's all but impossible if you're frantically searching for supplies or-worse...

First Aid for Gates

[/caption] Sagging gates are more than an aesthetic consideration. Once a gate gets really droopy, you'll have to drag the end along the ground every time you use it, and it's...

Buying Your First Horse

As often happens, once you've been taking riding lessons for a while, you may decide that you want a horse of your own. Whether you just want a horse to...

Bumps and Lumps: First Aid

Every now and then, your horse will bash into something, hit his hipbone, or bang his knee. Most of the time, these are minor injuries that will go away...

First Aid Extra Tools Chart

If you're faced with equine emergency, scrambling to find supplies can use up precious time and add to your stress. Take time now to restock your first-aid kit,...

STARS First Rating Session

Linda and Quest. © Gale Wolfe A group of nearly 30 adults in the Southern Tier is discovering it's as much fun to work toward personal achievement in Horsemanship as it was...

First Aid for Horse Wounds

First Things First Assess the situation quickly to get a general idea of the wound's severity and your horse's reaction. Your own safety is a paramount: If the horse is panicking...

Horse First Aid: Coping with a Cut

As a horse owner, sooner or later you'll encounter a laceration-whether it's a minor cut that's easily managed or a major accident that you know right...

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