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A halter is the very basic head gear a horse wears to enable you to handle him and control him. Here's How: As you approach your horse to halter him,...

Weanling Prep for Showmanship, Halter Classes

[/caption] The weanling futurities are just around the corner, but you're ready. Your contender looks like a million bucks--his coat gleams, his mane is tamed, and his tail is, well, short...

Halter Sales Benefit Standardbreds

May 23, 2011 -- For Standardbred enthusiasts interested in helping the breed, the United States Trotting Associaton offers Halters for Hope. The program collects used halters with engraved nameplates from...

Leather Horse Halter

Pamper your horse in the new year with the sturdy Ultimate halter. The one-inch Hermann Oak harness leather is lined with soft chap material and finished...

Bling Horse Halter

Any equestrian knows that every horse is unique. The new, patented "bling" halter by My Shopping Tree allows horse owners to celebrate their horse's individuality with...

Halter a Hard-to-Catch Horse

Question: I board my 7-year-old Quarter Horse gelding at a farm near my home. He's in a small pasture by himself. Whenever I try to catch...

Don't Ride with a Halter

You may think it's convenient to leave a halter with an attached lead rope under your horse's bridle as you ride. The lead hangs at the ready...

Choose the Right Halter for Your Horse

A halter allows you to hold onto and direct your horse. The strongest halter is good halter training.  After all, to control your trail horse, you need his cooperation....

Your Choice of Horse Halter Matters

Anyone who has ever tried to lead a horse by his forelock knows how helpful a halter can be. The idea of a halter is to...

Clinton Anderson: Leading a Foal With the Halter

Simply pulling on the halter and hoping a foal will figure out what you want is not the way to teach him to lead. It's scary for a foal to...

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