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Hay Shortage

Don Brehm: Think Outside the Box To Don, riding out the hay shortage didn’t have to be as stressful as people made it. “There are so many alternatives to baled hay out...

Hay Substitutes

[/caption] How's your hay supply? This time of year, if you find yourself short, stocking up on hay can be an expensive—but necessary—endeavor. Good-quality hay is likely the cornerstone of your...

Hay Analysis

[/caption] Insulin resistance, Cushing's disease, PSSM (polysaccharide storage myopathy), laminitis—if you have a horse that's been diagnosed with any of these problems, chances are you've been urged by your vet to...

Hay Facts Part 2 - Testing Hay

Bad hay is bad for your horse. In addition to being just plain unappetising, molds and dust in hay or other forage can trigger colic. Some horses have an allergic...

Horse Hay Bank Resources

Charitable organizations called "hay banks" (think food bank, but for horses) provide hay to horse owners faced with unexpected loss of income. Hay donations, large or small, are collected from...

Horse Hay Alternatives

Protein Boosters When feeding straw or low protein, stockpiled hay, choose from the following to balance your horse's diet. Soybean meal-2 oz. per pound...

Horse Hay Facts

Horses are natural grazers. Their stomachs are designed to process small amounts of forage constantly throughout the day. However, in these days of urbanization and loss of pasture land, most...

Feeding Horses Hay Free-Choice

The horse is a grazing animal, designed to spend most of his waking hours eating. Feeding hay free choice can duplicate this to some extent, and it...

Horse Hay Storage Tips

[/caption] The way you stock your hayloft or shed can save you money by preventing hay loss caused by mold and vermin. Quality hay left exposed to the elements and nesting...

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