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Hoof Care

Articles and information on all aspects of horse hoof care. ...

Hoof Puncture

I have heard it said that if there is one nail in a hundred acre pasture, the one horse in that pasture will find it. Well--my horse, Annapolis was that...

Hoof Nourishment

While some horses float over specially prepared arena footing day after day, your trail horse carries you over hill, dale, rock, and stream. And what carries...

Assessing hoof cracks

[/caption] A hoof crack may be cause for concern or nothing to worry about. Here’s a quick rundown of the type of hoof cracks you’re likely to see on your horse...

Hoof Soaking Boot

Whether you’re treating a hoof infection, deep cleaning, or applying ice, the disposable StepnSoak bag can simplify hoof soaking. The 21-inch-tall matte vinyl bag measures 14 inches wide for...

Summertime Hoof Changes

[/caption] It’s the middle of summer and your horse’s hooves seem to be sending an SOS. The soles and frogs are peeling and flaking. Yet a bit of examination may reveal that...

Learning on the Hoof

Roughly three years ago, my wife, Vanessa, and I decided to start switching our seven Arabian horses from shoes to bare feet. Thus, we entered the natural-hoof-care period of our...

Hoof Quarter Cracks

Quarter cracks can be a serious problem in the horse, because when you have a full hoof-wall crack the sensitive lamina will become inflamed from trauma and/or infection. This...

Improving Hoof Quality

Question: Is there any proven method of improving hoof quality? My 10-year-old Thoroughbred has very weak feet that crack easily. He is constantly losing shoes and laid up as a...

Pre-Purchase Horse Hoof Exam

When purchasing a horse, whether from an auction house, individual, or even over the Internet, check his feet! This can be the single most important evaluation you...

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