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Horse Blanket Bingo: 10 Readers' Recommendations

Finding just the right horse blanket is like hitting a jackpot. Let these reality-based recommendations help steer you to the best choice for you and your horse....

Horse Blankets for Every Budget

Click through our slideshow to see which blankets were featured in our September issue and for click-and-buy links to each of them....

Senior Horse Care Checklist

From Horse&Rider Magazine Senior horses—those in their midteens and older—can continue to live healthy, productive lives if given the special care they need. We asked Barb Crabbe, DVM, Horse&Rider magazine’s consulting...

Your Aging Horse: Winter Horse Care

By Christine Barakat, EQUUS Magazine Horses, like people, tend to have more trouble handling cold weather as they grow older so practicing proper winter horse care is important. Snow, sub-freezing temperatures...

Reduce Horse Blanket Wear And Tear

By mid winter, most of us have a barn full of filthy horse blankets, covered with hair, dust and, of course, mud. A few simple tips can help extend...

Horse Blanket Q&A

Does My Horse Need a Blanket? Your horse needs a blanket because the natural oils and dirt that keep him warm in the wild are removed each time you curry or...

Fitting a Horse Blanket

You've just purchased a new blanket for your horse, but when you get home and try it on him, you realize it's not the right size, and back...

Horse Blankets 101

As days grow shorter and temperatures drop, it’s time to evaluate what blankets your horse needs. With a huge range of options available, deciding what you need can be confusing....

Selecting a Turnout Blanket for Your Horse

Which Features Should I Look For? As a rule of thumb, always go for the very best quality you can afford. That bargain blanket may not be such a bargain...

When to Blanket Your Horse in Winter

Some horses are happy in all but the most bitter temperatures, while others shiver on the first cold night of fall. To figure out if your horse needs a blanket,...

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