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Trailering the Senior Horse

By Christine Barakat, EQUUS Magazine Horses tend to be such good sports about transport that you may not realize the physical and mental toll that riding in a trailer takes. But,...

Senior Horse Hearing Check

From Hands-On Senior Horse Care by Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS, & Sue M. Copeland Like you, your senior horse can lose his ability to detect sound as he ages. Age-related...

Prevent Horse Escapes with the Horse Houdini Stall Product

Cut Heal Animal Care Products Inc. has launched a horse-and-rider safety product division, "Be Safe NOT Sorry." This line includes two stall products: the Horse Houdini -...

Horse Feeding Management Guidelines

By Katie Young, Ph.D., Consulting Equine Nutritionist, Purina® Mills, LLC Feeding horses correctly and safely often seems complicated because they are unique in the livestock world and cannot be fed the...

Ventilate Your Horse Barn

Install ceiling fans. Install ceiling fans over the stalls, over the stall partitions, and down the center aisle. Position the fan blades to pull air up...

Senior Horses with Heaves: How to Tell If Your Senior Horse is at Risk

From Hands-On Senior Horse Care by Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS, & Sue M. Copeland What is heaves: An acquired chronic allergic response that eventually diminishes your senior horse’s ability to...

Stalling Your Horse

As we waited for the stall metal to be made, zinc-dipped, and delivered, we set to work on the old equipment shed. In no time, we’d stripped off the walls...

Senior Horse Back Problems Check

From Hands-On Senior Horse Care by Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS, & Sue M. Copeland Just as with your back, years of wear and tear can take their toll on your...

Senior Horse Care and Nutrition

Be sure to come back as new articles on senior horse care and nutrition are posted on a regular basis. More Questions from the Senior Horse Live Chat Dr. Katie Young...

Farm & Ranch

Everything from barn building, to barn maintenance, pasture maintenance, and more! EquiSearch has all the information to help you and your horse maintain the perfect barn...

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