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Information and guidelines about vaccinating your horse. ...

Horse Care

Information on every aspect of horse care and equine management, from health and nutrition to grooming and hoof care....

Simple Tips for Easy Horse Deworming and Vaccinating

Elementary procedures such as worming and vaccinating should be non-stressful for both the horse and the administrator....

AAEP Recommended Vaccinations

> Adult Horse > Foal Use this printable chart to map out your horse's vaccination and deworming schedule....

Equine Vaccination Recommendations & Annual Horse Health Chart

The American Association of Equine Practitioners has four "core" equine vaccination recommendations that EVERY horse should receive—tetanus, Eastern/Western equine encephalomyelitis, West Nile virus and rabies—and a slew of others based...

Horse Vaccination and Deworming Primer

An effective vaccination and deworming program is a critical component to keeping your horse healthy. Vaccinations help protect your horse against diseases by stimulating his immune system to fight back when...


Information on horse health care, from first aid and lameness to horse rescue and trailering....

Highly Recommended Vaccinations for Your Horse

For your purpose of choosing the best vaccination and deworming strategy for your horse, these are the three basic equine lifestyles: Open herd: This is your horse's situation if he travels...

Are Your Horse's Vaccinations Up to Date?

[/caption] Print out and save this download from the editors of EQUUS magazine. The PDF provides critical information on equine vaccines, how they protect your horse and a suggested vaccination schedule...

Annual Horse and Mare Vaccines

Question: I just got my reminder card from my veterinarian saying my 15-year-old Quarter Horse mare is due for vaccinations and deworming. A dental check...

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