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First Aid

Information about equine first aid, including vital signs, caring for wounds and more. ...

EQUUS Chart: Gauge Your Horse's Vital Signs

In recognition of EQUUS magazine's 30th anniversary in 2007, each month we will be bringing you horse health care tips in a handy PDF reference chart. "Vital Signs" is the...

Vital Signs Made Easy

A new program called VITALS™, introduced by the Kentucky Horse Council, will help you communicate basic health indicators to your veterinarian when you suspect illness, injury, or...

Check for Dehydration

Your hardworking trail horse can easily become dehydrated. This handy allyslot chart tells you how to perform two dehydration checks, plus gives you normal readings and red alerts. VitalSignsChart ...

Horse Keeping

[/caption] Once you've selected a horse that will suit your personality, experience and competetive ambitions, if any, you are ready to embark on the joys of horse ownership! There is so much...

Horse Trailer Safety Checklist

SAFETY POINT WHAT TO DO Tires Check pressure, and look for signs of wear in truck, trailer and spare tires. Wheels Make sure lug nuts are tight on all wheels. Hitch Look for loose bolts, hairline cracks,...

Senior Horse Care Checklist

From Horse&Rider Magazine Senior horses—those in their midteens and older—can continue to live healthy, productive lives if given the special care they need. We asked Barb Crabbe, DVM, Horse&Rider magazine’s consulting...

Keep Your Horse Cool in the Summer Heat

It's as hot as a tin roof, and you've got a day-long trail ride ahead. How can you tell if your horse gets too hot? In the July...

Senior Horse Back Problems Check

From Hands-On Senior Horse Care by Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS, & Sue M. Copeland Just as with your back, years of wear and tear can take their toll on your...

Tubing Troubles for a Colicky Horse

[/caption] The pretty bay mare who arrived at the University of Guelph equine clinic was bright, alert and didn’t appear to be in any pain. Despite the newborn foal at her side, she...

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