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High-Tech Horseback

Use Tips A GPS device is a great tool for trail riding, as it allows you to track where you"ve gone and shows you the way to go if you"re...

Discover Kenya by Horseback


Winter Horseback Riding Breeches

Keep a horsewoman you love warm and cozy this winter horseback riding with the Wind Pro Performance Breech. The Wind Pro fabric features a soft fleece...

Lightweight Horseback Riding Helmet

Take a weight off - of your head, that is. Aegis Safety Helmets' Aspen model uses the latest in-mold technology to make it sleek, light, and thin,...

Tracing History on Horseback

It's a scene so vivid in my mind that it could've happened yesterday: a pretty valley jammed with picketed horses, tents, and talkative people sharing anticipation of the ride...

Urban Horseback Riders

The sight of horses in places where horses are not normally seen can cause great excitement: "Look, Mommy! A horse!" "I see him honey. But I'm not sure he...

Limpopo Valley Horseback Safari

We came upon the lions suddenly. Three half-grown cubs tumbled away into the scrub forest while two big female lions spun to face us. They dropped to their...

Discovering Idaho Horseback

Autumn is here, and winter is soon to follow! That may not be a problem for all you folks located in the sunny south. But, for us...

Horseback San Pedro Parks Wilderness

The San Pedro Parks Wilderness in northern New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest covers 41,000 acres and is known for high, rolling mountaintops with huge grassy meadows. I started riding...

Planning a Holiday on Horseback

Hard hats are strongly recommended, if not required, on mounted vacations. Any equestrian vacation, especially one involving long-distance travel, represents a considerable investment...

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