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Make Easy, Affordable Horse Jump Décor

Make your horse jumps look show-ready with a few easy steps and affordable items from yard sales and the hardware or dollar store....

How Horses Jump

What makes a horse a world-class jumper? You might be surprised to learn there's no ideal formula. The best jumpers possess a combination of great strength and coordination, but exactly...

Look at the Jump

Riders who attend my clinics sometimes tell me that previous instructors have told them to look into the distance, not look at the jump, when approaching a fence. In my...

Jump Single Fences Fear-Free

In this lesson, you'll learn to jump a single fence, perfectly out of stride--just as you'd do on a hunter or jumper course. But rather than simply pointing your horse...

Jump Scary New Fences with Confidence

Do you worry about "bogey" jumps--those unusual-looking fences that you're not sure your horse has ever seen before? Do you trust him to canter confidently up to them, or do...

Wylde, Madden Jump Clear in Qualifier

[/caption] Markopoulo, Greece, August 22, 2004--I think America could be on the way to an Olympic gold medal in show jumping. I'm usually not that optimistic, but judging from the...

Jump in Balance at Any Speed

I had an interesting conversation the other day while I was walking a Novice cross-country course. It went like this: JW: "Hi." Other Guy: "Hey, how are you?" JW: "I heard you mention...

Train Your Horse to Jump Ditches

What is a ditch, anyway? At eventing's entry levels, it's no more than three feet wide and 12 inches deep. It doesn't need to be huge, however, to pose an...

Holiday Decor Hazards for Horses

[/caption] As you deck the stalls this holiday season, keep your horse's safety in mind: • Assume that anything within reach will be eaten, and hang stockings, lights and all decorations well...

Points to Consider: Jump with the Motion of Your Horse

When was the last time you had a lesson on your posting trot? Been a while, right? You probably haven"t had one in quite a while because you already know...

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