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Married with Horses: Another Lame Story

Kimberly and I have been on a juice fast. We've been starting our days with generous glasses of fresh vegetable juice. Mmm... celery, beets and kale with just a hint...

Is He Just Lame Or Is He Battling A Neurological Problem?

Usually, a horse with neurological disease is a picture of depression, disorientation, staggering and stumbling. A lame horse's symptoms include heat, swelling, hobbling around, and...


Information and articles on lameness in horses, including conditions that cause lameness, their diagnosis and treatment. ...


Information on horse health care, from first aid and lameness to horse rescue and trailering....

Horse Care

Information on every aspect of horse care and equine management, from health and nutrition to grooming and hoof care....

The hows and whys of lameness exams

[/caption] When searching for the cause of lameness in a horse, a veterinarian follows a methodical lameness exam protocol. Knowing a bit about how that exam is conducted is important to...

Gallop Poll: Dealt With Chronic Lameness?

[/caption] For this month's Gallop Poll, we're wondering if you've ever dealt with a chronic lameness issue. Select the answer that best fits your situation. To give more information about your experience,...

Equine Lameness Evaluation

In looking back on 45 years of evaluating lameness in the horse, I feel we have not had enough information available to really make a diagnosis in some cases. Historically,...

On the Trail Lameness

You're out on the trail and your horse suddenly starts limping. What do you do? 1. Slow to a walk. 2. Find a place where...

Feeding Options for Senior Horses, Part Two

As our horses get older, we often encounter difficult situations associated with the aging process. In this column, we’ll explore respiratory conditions, body weight concerns, optimal haircoat and skin condition,...

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