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Low-risk Longeing

Question: I would like to longe my 6-year-old mare with side reins, but I am concerned about wear on her knee joints. I keep all of my horses until they...

Longeing Safety

[/caption] According to an Associated Press article which appeared in Horse Net News, a Florida horsewoman was killed when a horse she was longeing was spooked and dragged her into a...

The Adult Longeing Guide

From beginner riders to top competitors, from backyard enthusiasts to endurance riders, every equestrian needs to improve their seat. This new book brings longeing...

Longeing Do's and Don'ts

You toss your 2-year-old on the end of the longe line for a quick spin to give him some exercise. He gleefully bucks, leaps out to the end...

How Much Longeing Is Enough

In general, you can keep longeing--changing direction at roughly the halfway point--if your horse's trot and canter look increasingly relaxed and balanced and he is respecting and listening to the...

Longeing Lessons for Your Horse

Longeing involves working a horse on a large circle, while you stand in the center and direct his efforts. Just as if you're riding, you should...

Clinton Anderson: Longeing for Respect, Part 1

Learn to send your horse onto a circle, then ask him to stop, in this first of two parts on longeing for respect....

Clinton Anderson's Longeing for Respect: Circling Slideshow

SLIDESHOW! In the second part of Clinton Anderson's lesson in longeing for respect, you'll learn to send your horse out onto a circle, then cue him to turn in, stop,...

Clinton Anderson's Longeing for Respect: Preparation Intro

[/caption] To Get the Most from this Lesson: Outfit your horse in a rope halter with a lead that's at least 14 feet long. I prefer my own halters, which have extra...

Clinton Anderson's Longeing for Respect: Preparation Slideshow

SLIDESHOW! Does your trail horse need a time out? Use Clinton Anderson's unique longeing techniques to refocus your horse's attention--and hone his can-do keenness....

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