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A Novice Rider's Dressage Adventure

As I looked through an Arabian horse show premium booklet, I noticed they offered "freestyle dressage." Never having done it, I announced to my husband that I was...

Adventures of a Novice Horse Show Manager

I've been to dressage shows. I've seen how smoothly they go. How hard could running one be? I've volunteered as a scribe and sat in a booth, watched...

Basic Schooling

Here you will find articles on the basic schooling and training of the horse, from working on the ground to starting out under saddle....

Beginner Rider

A selection of articles and resources especially for those interested in taking horseback riding lessons and getting started with horses. ...

Saddle Fit Tip and Video: 'Pinching of the Gullet Plate - Is Your Horse Fighting Your Saddle' by Jochen Schleese

The purpose of the saddle tree is to distribute the rider’s weight over the entire saddle support area on the horse’s back.  The purpose of the gullet plate is to...

On Track With NATRC

Founded in 1961, the North American Trail Ride Conference now sanctions roughly 70 rides every year. Both horsemanship and veterinary judges observe each ride; their combined scores...

English Versus Western Riding - Which is Easier?

[/caption] So, which is easier? I'd have to say western is easier than english. For one thing, the larger saddle provides a more secure seat for the novice rider. My dad,...

2006 USEA Year-End Award Winners

December 13, 2006 -- Almost 450 members of the United States Eventing Association (USEA) made their way to St. Louis, Mo., for the 2006 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention, held...

Strengthen Your Legs, Balance Your Horse

In the February 2010 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, Western pleasure trainer Liz Remphrey shared three common pilot-error mistakes frequently made by novice Western pleasure riders. One of the...

Your First Event: Are You Ready?

At eventing's introductory levels, the phases are designed to promote horse and rider education and good horsemanship. In the dressage of eventing, for example, the judge will look...

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