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Considerations for the Overweight Rider

It's happened to many of us, I'm sure. We're at a show, or out with a group of riders and we hear a whispered comment along the lines of, "that...

Nutritional Support for Seasoned Show Horses

By Karen E. Davison, Ph.D., Equine Nutrition Specialist, Land O’Lakes Purina® Feed Mature, seasoned show horses are treasures and their owners want to do everything possible to keep them healthy, happy...

Feeding Options for Senior Horses, Part Two

As our horses get older, we often encounter difficult situations associated with the aging process. In this column, we’ll explore respiratory conditions, body weight concerns, optimal haircoat and skin condition,...

Checklist: Determine if Your Horse is Fat

Deciding whether your own horse is overweight can be dicey. To help you stay honest, we've devised the following checklist, adapted from the Henneke Body Condition Scale. (For more information...

New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions for Your Horse

Is your horse obese? According to, horses suffer from obesity just as humans do, and a significant percentage are overweight. Obesity in horses can cause...

Proper Horse Health Care Involve Diets

Horses become overweight for the same reason we do-they eat more calories than they burn. It isn't any healthier for them than it is for us....

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Care and Feeding of Aging Horses

By Katie Young, Ph.D., Consulting Equine Nutritionist, Purina® Mills, LLC It takes special care and proper nutrition to maintain optimal health of your aging horse. A well thought-out senior horse management...

Feeding Horses for Optimal Performance: How Exercise Affects Nutrient Requirements of Horses

By Kelly R. Vineyard, Ph.D., Equine Nutritionist, Land O’Lakes Purina® Feed Preparing a horse for competition takes much time, dedication, and attention to detail. We spend hours in the saddle in...

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