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Metcalfe Shares Tips to Prevent Horse Theft

Debi Metcalfe of Shelby, N.C., awoke one morning in 1996 to discover her horse Idaho had disappeared from his pasture. Someone had literally cut the fence and driven...

Prevent Trailer Theft

It's a familiar scenario. You and your horse have been out on the trail for hours, riding up hills, wading in streams, and trotting through gulleys. When the day is...

Preventing Tack Theft

[/caption] Tack is a big investment. In fact, next to your horse and your trailer, it may be the most valuable thing you store at the barn. So it only makes...

Prevent Horse Barn Fires

The devastating destruction of a horse barn fire—and what you can do to prevent one....

Prevent Horse Fence Failure

Over the last 20-some years, I have traveled the world, giving seminars on fencing design and advising horsemen, cattlemen and even zookeepers on the best ways to keep their animals...

Horse Theft Prevention

[/caption] Discovering that your horse is missing, or has been stolen, must be one of the most traumatic experiences that any horse owner can experience. Imagine the helplessness of arriving at...

Prevent Dehydrated Horses This Winter

Freezing temperatures turns the water in your horse's bucket to ice, reducing the amount of readily available water. A horse's body is made up of 60% water, with sweat glands...

Water-Crossing: How to Prevent Dizziness

[/caption] “Don’t look at the water!” That was my father-in-law’s advice to my wife, Emily, as our horses picked across the rocky bottomed swift stream. The horse, Elmer, had never been particularly...

Prevent Dehydrated Horses in Winter

The colored urine that some horse owners find in their horse's pasture is from plant and bile pigments. It's excessively dark because the urine is...

10 Steps to Reduce the Risk of Horse Theft

Losing a horse to thieves is one of the most gut-wrenching experiences you can have. To safeguard against it--and to be best prepared to recover your horse in case the...

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