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AHFEH rescue test

View the list of participating rescues on ...

Rescue & Welfare

Read articles about equine welfare issues and find information about what to do in cases of horse abuse....

How to Get Involved If You're a Rescue

A Home for Every Horse begins at, part of the Equine Network. is joining forces with the American Horse Council's Unwanted Horse Coalition to help find homes for America's...

Large-Animal Rescue

Several facilities throughout the United States provide Large Animal and Horse Rescue training to firefighters, police, animal control officers, veterinarians, emergency medical technicians, and anyone interested in knowing more. John and...

Equine Rescue Centers: UK

[/caption] Equine Rescue Centers: UK A selection of Equine Rescue Centers and Horse Sanctuaries in Great Britain. Brownbread Horse Rescue Centre This horse rescue center is located in the Sussex countryside of England. They...

Search and Rescue Partnerships

You are moving down a trail at the walk. the scenery is drawing your attention away from the trail, but your mount is paying attention to...

Identifying legitimate equine rescue organizations

Appeals what is viagra soft tabs from cheap viagra internet equine rescue organizations for donations and support can certainly tug at your heart strings. It's natural, and admirable, to want...

Support Your Local Equine Rescue

Equine rescue centers do such a wonderful job all year-round. They take in horses in need and provide them with shelter, feed and medical care. But all animal rescue centers...

Whispering Hills Rescue & Rehab

[/caption] Whispering Hills Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Farm has an enviable setting in shadows of some of the highest peaks in the Catskill Mountains of New York. There is an...

Rescue and Restore Rain-Damaged Tack

If you ride far enough and often enough, it's inevitable the day will come when you're caught out in a drencher. If you've planned ahead, you reach for your slicker...

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