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Showmanship Tip

[/caption] Daydreaming Dilemma If your horse doesn't stay awake in showmanship class, here's a tip that's helped me keep my horse alert. Before you enter the arena, smear a thin coat of...

Multi-Maneuver Showmanship

Showmanship Pattern: Be ready at first marker. Trot to third marker. Stop. Back to second marker. Turn 270°; walk to judge. Stop. Set up for inspection. When dismissed, turn 90°; trot out. ...

Super-Skills Showmanship

Showmanship Pattern: Jog from A to B. At B, jog a circle to the right. Walk from B to a point aligned with the judge (C). Pivot 11/4 turn to the right. Walk to the...

Fix a Showmanship Nipper

It’s imperative that you instill respect in your horse for all aspects of handling, whether for showmanship or everyday groundwork. Part of that respect is the horse staying in his...

Sharpen your Showmanship Precision

Showmanship is a test of precision. To score well, you must nail the pattern and demonstrate a perfect presentation. In a tough competition, how you lead your horse to...

Choosing Women's Showmanship Pants

Pant PicksIn local open or 4-H shows, jeans with extra-heavy starch and razor-edge creases down the leg fronts create a crisp look that's acceptable in showmanship. For breed-specific competition, however,...

Train Your Horse for Showmanship

Here’s how to teach your horse the six basic maneuvers that allow you to compete in showmanship at halter—and that put a fingertip-finesse handle on any horse....

Showmanship Polish: Hand Position and Control

Perfect your showmanship presentation by avoiding three common hand-position mistakes. Judge and Team Horse & Rider member Andrea Simons acts as your coach in this slideshow....

Showmanship Polish: Hand Position and Control Introduction

Event appeal: Showmanship at halter. Goal: To improve the aesthetic quality of your showmanship presentation. You'll study, and learn to avoid three common hand-position mistakes--pulling your hand toward you; pushing your...

Time Your Cues for a Perfect Showmanship Stop

Goal: To improve the aesthetic quality of your showmanship at halter presentation by mastering stopping maneuvers after walking a straight line toward the judge. You'll study and learn the...

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