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When in doubt, go to the source. These are the organizations who call the shots in almost every sport or breed in the horse business -- including breed registries and...

Helping the Equids of Haiti

A team of veterinarians from Humane Society International went to Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake to help the horses, donkeys and mules that are central to Haitian life....

Breed Associations G - L

Gypsy Cob Society of America Dedicated to promoting the Gypsy Cob, and to maintaining a permanent registry devoted wholly to the interests of the Gypsy Cob to preserve and protect...

Breed Associations A - F

The Akhal-Teke Network This really is an excellent web site. It's aim is to spread knowledge of the beautiful and rare Akhal-Teke and it does so with articles andphotographs. The site...

16 Horses Die in Missouri Trailer Accident

December 12, 2006 -- A tractor trailer transporting 42 horses to a slaughter facility overturned in the early morning hours on September 27, outside St. Louis, Mo., trapping all of...

Breed Associations S - Z

American Saddlebred Horse Association Breed association Website contains membership information, as well as details about the various recognition programs available. American Saddlebred Horse Association of CanadaSingle administrative body responsible...

Driving Associations

NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONSThe American Driving Society A wealth of information for the driving enthusiast, including membership information and a calendar of events. British Driving Society The official website of the British Driving...

Rare Przewalski's Horses Born at San Diego Zoo

August 11, 2008 -- Three Przewalski's (PREZ-val-skee) horse foals kicked up their hooves making a grand entrance at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park in California August 8. The...

Breed Profile: British Spotted Pony

Origins The British Spotted Pony can be traced back to pre-historic times, when their coat color provided a natual camoflage among the heathlands and woodlands of ancient Britain. Spotted ponies...

Breed Profile - Connemara Pony

Characteristics The Connemara Pony originates from Galway, on the western coast of Ireland, but is now bred in England and the US, as well as Australia. It is a descendant of...

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