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Preventing Strangles

Good barn management is essential to maintaining a strangles-free zone. High-traffic barns need safeguards to make sure new arrivals are not infected (including horses coming back from shows,...

Preventing Strangles in Horses

QUESTION: We travel all over with our horses. For years, we've heard about equine distemper, also known as strangles. Please tell us more about the strangles, how to prevent it,...

Straight Talk About Strangles

Maybe it's the name that amplifies the dread horsepeople tend to feel when the grapevine rumors a neighborhood infection. Certainly, no one who's had to nurse a horse through to recovery...

Breaking the Strangles Cycle

Strangles is a bacterial infection of the respiratory tract that has been with us for close to 800 years by historical reports, likely longer. It is...

An Unusual Reaction to Equine Strangles Vaccination

[/caption] I’ve been around horses long enough to know that I don’t want to mess with equine strangles. Because my two horses travel often and far, I regularly vaccinate them against...

Strangles: A Case of Swollen Glands

Strangles is an upper-respiratory infection caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi. Which of the following statements about strangles is not true? a. Younger horses, particularly yearlings, are most at risk for...

Equine Vaccination Basics

Over the past 75 years, vaccines have saved the lives of thousands of horses and rendered a number of terrible equine diseases exceedingly rare. They remain among the most effective...

Superstar Head Horse Vegas Sidelined From NFR

When the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo opened in Las Vegas on December 1, Turtle Powell was not riding his great (2010 American Quarter Horse Association/Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) Head Horse...

Fall and Winter Are Prime Times for Upper Respiratory Infections in Horses

[/caption] Your horse was a star at last week’s show, but now his nose is dripping, he’s coughing persistently and he’s moping in his stall. What’s his problem? When those signs...

Disappeared Equine Diseases

[/caption] Would you recognize a case of nasal gleet or glanders, lampas or bronchocele, catarrh or coitus disease, mallenders or sallenders if it invaded your stable? These and the dozens more...

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