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Information and articles about horse training--everything from ground training to help for beginning riders....

General Training

Articles about general horse training and behavior--including articles on solving behavioral problems and ground training....

Riding & Training

Get training tips and feature articles on every equestrian riding and training endeavor from cattle events and reining to dressage and show jumping....

Obstacle Training

Question: I own a 6-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. Whenever we approach a log or a ditch on the trail, he'll balk, jig, and sometimes even jump...

Spring Training

It may be tempting to jump on your horse and go for a long ride the minute you feel the warmth of spring in the air. Whether that's wise depends...

Training Yearlings

At first, you have this adorable little foal, with his little-wittle nose, fuzzy-wuzzy coat and stubbly tail. You ooo and ahh over him, take tons of pictures, and show...

Training a Head Horse

Not everybody in the industry can afford to go buy a finished rope horse that's ready to go to the rodeos. Whether you're a young kid learning to rope...

Hunter-Jumper Training Links

[/caption] Cavalletti Exercises Colleen Brooks shows you how you can use cavalletti to improve both horse and rider and gives you exercises you can use at any time. Correcting a Bad Spot Short article...

Video: Dressage Tempo Training

This video shows Alison Johnson riding Will in an upper-level test. Using a metronome, you can see that the pair show absolute consistency of tempo for five minutes through transitions...

H&R Gold: Horsemanship Training

In a horsemanship class, you’re judged on how well you maintain all the many details of a correct position as you guide your horse through a pattern of maneuvers (such...

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