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Video: Saddle Fit Tip: Understanding Rider Pain

Many riders experience frustration from poor position, discomfort, lower back cramps, pelvic pain, neck pain and other issues. Do you feel you are fighting the saddle rather than using the...

Knowledge and Understanding

For me, one of the most interesting parts of roping and competition has been the ongoing learning process and search for knowledge. Trying to figure out why things work...

Understanding Founder in Horses

[/caption] The best way to understand laminitis, or founder, is to think of the healthy coffin bone as "Velcroed" to the inside of the hoof wall by interlocking sensitive and insensitive...

Understanding Half Halts

Question: I am an adult rider and have been taking dressage lessons for several years. I hope to show at Training Level soon. I watch experienced riders at...

Understanding Your Rope Horse's Hock

What the Hock Is and What it Does The horse's hock is at once it's most powerful and vulnerable joint. A horse that can use...

Study Analyzes Understanding of Cribbing in Horses

How well you understand cribbing depends in large part on whether you have had firsthand experience caring for a horse who indulges in the behavior. That's the finding of a University...

Understanding EHV-1: Knowledge is Contagious Webinar

How much and why should we worry about this latest EHV-1 outbreak? EQUUS Medical Editor Joe Bertone, DVM, MS, DACVIM answers your questions about the virus and separates rumor from...

Understanding the Half Pass through Haunches-in

[/caption] Over the years, I rode many a half pass in international event competitions. Now, I often joke about the fact that I had long since given up actively eventing at...

Understanding the Half Pass through Shoulder-in, Leg Yield

[/caption] When I started to learn the half pass, it was one of the hardest exercises for me to do. I wish I had known sooner that the half pass can...

Understanding the Lingo when Buying Hay for Horses

[/caption] Buying horse hay seems like a simple enough task, until the farmer begins using hay terms that you can’t understand. To shop smart, everyone with horses needs a working vocabulary...

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