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Your gate to the Western riding arena. Find tips from top trainers and riders on western pleasure, barrel racing, halter, reining and more....

Train Your Horse for Showmanship

Here’s how to teach your horse the six basic maneuvers that allow you to compete in showmanship at halter—and that put a fingertip-finesse handle on any horse....

Showmanship Polish: Hand Position and Control

Perfect your showmanship presentation by avoiding three common hand-position mistakes. Judge and Team Horse & Rider member Andrea Simons acts as your coach in this slideshow....

Western Tack


Western Pleasure

The most popular western horse show classes--western pleasure and equitation--take careful training and a polished presentation. Here you will find a selection of articles from top pros and riders, from...


A halter is the very basic head gear a horse wears to enable you to handle him and control him. Here's How: As you approach your horse to halter him,...

Western Hats - Shape Matters

In the show ring, details reign supreme--and your hat is one of the most essential details. A quality Western hat is kind of like a good horse: You may have to...

What's Up in Western Show Fashion

By Laurel Berger O'Connor If you show in western events, your polished, up-to-date turnout will boost your confidence and catch the judge's eye. If you live the Western lifestyle, you'll also...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 6: Blazers, Jackets

Last time, we talked about vests for the show ring. Now, let's look at blazers and jackets for your show presentation. If you show at the regional or state level,...

Western Horse Show Fashion Clinic 7: Show Pants

[/caption] As we review our series in building a Western wardrobe for the show ring, we've seen how color and silhouette contribute the greatest part of your overall winning presentation. Now...

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