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The Rumsmoke's Arizona Trail Ride

Kathy and I stayed at Dick Beck's place 12 miles south of Pearce, Arizona, for the winter of 2003/2004. With the coming of spring and full...

Get Fit and Ride Strong

Horseback riding is an athletic endeavor, just ask anyone who has felt head-to-toe sore after a long day in the saddle. And like any...

Trail Ride in Cool Colorado

As my husband, Paul, and I left our Southwest Mississippi home for a chance to ride our horses in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we never imagined just how...

Test Ride That Western Saddle

When you and your horse move together in comfort and support with a well-fit saddle, you've got harmony in motion. But if your saddle doesn't fit, it's like an uncomfortable...

Mexico’s Valle de Bravo Ride

Photo courtesy of CCI It was a two-hour ride from the airport in Mexico City to the Mata Redonda Estate, but the time flew. My host, Santiago de Lyon, pointed out...

Albuquerque, New Mexico Trail Ride

My riding buddy, Chris Hoden, is the best at stumbling onto good trails by our homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The funny thing is, we...

Hill Country Texas Trail Ride

Continuing our trip west, with a lot of great trail miles in our log book, Kathy and I headed once more for Bandera, Texas. Our route took...

Ride into your Golden Years

If you're a trail rider upwards of 40, I'll bet you sometimes wish you still had the body of a youngster - full of energy, less plump, and free...

Ride a Western Dressage Test

1. A: Enter working jog. X: Halt, salute. Proceed working jog. Warm up your horse. When you're ready to ride the test, circle him in his best direction just outside the...

Inside Look: NATRC Competitive Trail Ride

[/caption] In the June 2012 "Have You Tried" section, we introduced you to the sport of Competitive Trail Rides through the North American Trail Ride Conference. To find out what you can...

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