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Using Ultrasound to Check for Roundworm Burdens in Foals

Several chemical dewormers are showing less and less efficiency against a variety of equine internal parasites, including roundworms (Parascaris spp.). This leaves many equids at risk for developing...

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What's in a Fly Spray Label?

If insects are making life miserable for you and your horse, you're probably searching frantically for a fly spray that lives up to its claims. The trick? Learn how to read—and...

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Stephen Day Presented with 2015 Galbreath Award

Stephen L. Day, president and CEO of Dover Saddlery, has been honored with the 2015 John W. Galbreath Award for outstanding entrepreneurship in the equine industry. Day was presented with the...

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How to Prevent Colic in Your Dressage Horse

As a veterinarian I am glad to hear you are interested in learning about ways to decrease the risk of colic in your horse. Though one could write a book on all the factors that might predispose a horse to colic, I will focus on the factors you can manage daily.

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