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How To Tie Your Horse Properly

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Nancy Cahill explains the basics of tying your horse--from the safest places to the best kinds of knots.

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Article Archive

How to Prevent Colic in Your Dressage Horse

As a veterinarian I am glad to hear you are interested in learning about ways to decrease the risk of colic in your horse. Though one could write a book on all the factors that might predispose a horse to colic, I will focus on the factors you can manage daily.

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Horse Feed: What's in It?

In this month's Health section, we mentioned that it's important to watch out for high-energy carbs in your horse's feed--particularly if you're feeding for calmness. Here's a review of just what ingredients are in your horse's feed from the January

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Rare virus outbreak in Japan

Getah virus, which is carried by mosquitoes, swept through a racing stable in Japan.

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It All Seemed So Simple on Paper

So, here we are, the day we take Ryan to Leige Airport for his flight to the U.S. The last few days have been full of pandemonium with paperwork for Ryan, bits and bobs required for him, competing, parading Quadrille at Newmarket and just general riding, teaching and caring for the horses at home.

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