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Winter Training: More Help

[/caption] Use the downtime of winter to reinforce basic ground manners in your horse. When ice and snow make riding impractical, that doesn't mean you can't still be busy with your horse....

Breaking In Roping Steers

Roping steers are a significant investment, so it makes sense to take the time to break them in right. How you break roping steers in is also quite relevant to...

Safe Habits and Protective Gear for Horseback Riding

[/caption] Safe Habits Creating safe habits means learning what you need to do to be safe on the ground and in the saddle, and then doing those things the same way...

Cutting Horse Problems Off at the Pass

Whether youre a horse trainer, you rope for a living or are a hobbyist roper, you have to know how to bring out the best in your horse. Sometimes...

Jumping Clinic Classics: A Good Stirrup Length

This young rider has a good stirrup length. Because of this, her leg position is very good, with her heel down and her calf on her pony’s side. She does...

Four Strategies for Avoiding Liability

This article explores four practical strategies for avoiding liability. # 1 - Understand What Causes Liability Everyone, it seems, offers opinions on liability in the horse industry. Many, for example, call...

Riding with the 'O'Connor Cavalry'

Amateur eventing enthusiast Elliott Oppenheim, who is both an attorney and a physician, wrote this account of his week with Olympians Karen and David O'Connor. It was the first day of...

Ask The Pros with Charles Pogue

To Feed or Not To Feed Dear Charles, I've been wondering if it is O.K. to not feed your rope when heading. I've found it...

The School Horse Rider

Do you think taking riding lessons on school horses is an option of last resort? A learning method that's inferior to owning or leasing your own horse? Something strictly for...

Starting a Reining Spin

Lesson Objective If you compete: Master the basics of the first moments of a spin (turn-around) to ensure that you finish with a bang. If you don’t: A solid turnaround is essential...

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