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10 Tools For Your Horse In Timed Events

It's natural to assume that timed events with your horse are all about speed because, after all, the fastest time wins. But to make those winning runs...

Open for Business

Have you always dreamed about running your own equine business? Do you have empty stalls in your barn that you've thought about filling to help pay...

Back Where They Belong

When the 2009 season started, it appeared that the regular cast of characters would be turned on their ear. Usually, changes of the guard, so...

2011 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals: Fun on the Farm

Fence 1: Curved Ivy Wall Height: Just over 3-foot-6 Construction: Curved wall covered with ivy and flanked by two pillars. Wall had breakaway caps and a brush ground line. Course...

Keeping a Horse's Attention

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" There are probably as many jokes about getting a mule's attention with a two-by-four as there are pickup trucks in Texas. When you are teaching your horse to heed,...

Back Country Horsemen of America Embraces Youth

April 6, 2010 -- Back Country Horsemen of America recognizes that youth are the future of our country. They wonder who will care for our wilderness and preserve American citizens'...

EQUUS Consultants: Two Trail Troubles

Question: I have a gentle 12-year-old Paint mare. She is great to ride, except for two things. First, we ride on many gravel roads with steep ditches and my horse...

Listen To Practical Horseman's ‘Ask The Hunter Judges’ Seminar

[/caption] Practical Horseman magazine presented an “Ask the Hunter Judges” seminar during the Atlanta Summer Classic II horse show at the Georgia International Horse Park in...

Horse Feeding Management Guidelines

By Katie Young, Ph.D., Consulting Equine Nutritionist, Purina® Mills, LLC Feeding horses correctly and safely often seems complicated because they are unique in the livestock world and cannot be fed the...

Working in Corridors (Heeding - Pt 2 of 3)

[/caption] Training "Mythunderstandings" Heeding is a horse communication system that proceeds in small, horse-logical steps that never create fear or antagonism in the horse. It requires being consistent in the moves you...

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