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Three Mental Strategies from Daniel Stewart

These three mental strategies will help you when a ride doesn't go quite according to plan. From Pressure Proof Your Riding by Daniel Stewart. 1. Motivating Mottos Another way to create...

Craig Cameron's Top Trail Tips

Cowboys are known for many things; practicality and common sense are at the top of the list. Thanks to a lifetime of ranching and rodeoing...

Longines - A New Sponsor at the Hampton Classic

The Classic was an obvious first stop, because it's all about posh and elegant, words that also describe Longines' product. Longines, which has had involvement with horse sports since 1878 and...

Benefits of a Veterinary Wellness Exam for Your Horse

Preventive Medicine Keep your horse's weight in control, with a body condition score of 5-6.Feed primarily grasses and hays to make it easier for...

Stay Cool in the Cross-Country Start Box

A good start on your eventing cross-country course is the first step toward a successful finish. This sounds obvious, but you've seen eventers at every level getting a poor start...

Equine by Design: Top Equestrian Designers

Effective equestrian clothing begins with knowledge of the mechanics of riding. But beyond that, the sky's the limit--and certain designers have taken that to heart, creating performance-oriented garments that rival...

Young Horses Need A Leader, Not A Friend

People seem to either not make time to handle their young horses at all or go too far with the admirable "let-them-be-horses" philosophy. Yes, young...

News Flash! Great Riders Are Made, Not Born

I have said it before, and I will say it again: “Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.” That has ­always been my favorite teaching aphorism, and I...

Transitions, the Secret to Balanced Riding

The best riders in the world, regardless of discipline, have one thing in common: They have a special feeling for balance. A dressage horse has a different balance from a...

Postcard: Day 2, George Morris Horsemastership

Wellington, Fla., January 23, 2008 -- Today, the eight students in the George Morris Horsemastership Training Session incorporated gymnastics into their sessions. George had the first group warm up...

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