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You’ve probably heard by now that there was an incident on a plane on May 2, when Jake (Barnes) and I were headed home on a flight...

Learn How to Build a Good Connection

[/caption] Whereas contact is simply the feeling of the horse's mouth at the end of the reins, a good connection is a much more sophisticated feel and a subtle yet highly...

Prevent Horse Fence Failure

Over the last 20-some years, I have traveled the world, giving seminars on fencing design and advising horsemen, cattlemen and even zookeepers on the best ways to keep their animals...

Horse Book Review: Ride Horses with Awareness and Feel

By Tineke and Joep Bartels Hardcover; 158 pages; Trafalgar Square Books; $29.95 from Ride Horses with Awareness and Feel, a convergence of ideas from members of one of the...

Spin To Win Rodeo Facebook Tips

Colby Lovell's best roping and rodeo tips How do you achieve mental toughness in the roping pen? Mental toughness can be hard at times, but I try not to fight my...

Cow Horse Boxing Class

First Encounter When your cow comes into the arena, keep your eyes glued on it for the duration of the run. Your first impression of the cow will give you insight into...

Farrier-Friendly Horses

Maintaining your horse's hooves is vital to his overall health and well-being. After all, you know what they say: no hoof, no horse. You know what...

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks, Or Why to Choose a Lyons Certified Trainer

I'm a War of 1812 buff. I'm also a dedicated horseman. My greatest dream a few years ago was to combine my two passions and use...

Equine Expense Worksheet

[/caption] To create a detailed account of what and how much you spend on your horses, follow this itemized expense sheet to document your known monthly expenses, from the big expenditures,...

Find a Horse Trainer

The most important thing a horse owner should know about training his or her horse is proper care for the animal. Being hands-on, practicing groundwork, and being mindful of your...

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