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Jumping Clinic Classics: An Exemplary Crest Release

This rider has her heels down and good contact through her lower leg. Her stirrup length is fine, but she’d make her ankle more supple by turning the iron...

Jumping Clinic Classics: A Scopey Jumper

This rider has a very good leg. Her stirrup is on the ball of her foot, her ankle is elastic and supple, her heel is down and in, and her...

Jumping Clinic Classics: First-Rate Style

This is a rider with a lot of style on a first-rate small horse or large pony. Her leg is exemplary; but she is out of the saddle a little...

Jumping Clinic Classics: Lots to Like

This picture of an excellent rider is obscured slightly by the jump wing. Still, it's clear from her ankle, knee and hip angles that the stirrups are the correct length:...

Jumping Clinic Classics: A Lovely Long Release

This is a very nice, soft picture. The rider's leg is quite good, with her heel down (but not exaggerated) and ankle flexed. Her toe is out just a bit,...

Jumping Clinic Classics: A Beautiful Base

The longer I look at this picture, the better I like it. This rider's leg position is very good. Her stirrup is the correct length, with her iron back on the...

Jumping Clinic Classics: Lovin' the Leg

I love this rider's leg. Her heel is down and in, her toe is turned out slightly and she shows real contact with her lower leg. Like many pony riders, she's...

Jumping Clinic Classics: An Athletic Rider

This is a good, athletic rider; I'd be happy to have her as one of my students. Her entire position, head to heel, indicates that she's strong, positive, and capable. Her...

Classic Jumping Clinic: An Accomplished Partnership

This strong, relaxed rider shows a very good leg position: heel down, contact in the lower leg. If her foot were touching the outside of the iron, not the inside,...

Jumping Clinic Classics: A Natural Leg

This girl shows a very nice, natural leg, with toes out in accordance with her conformation, heel down, ankle soft, and contact in her lower leg. Her eyes and head are...

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