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Feeding Options for Senior Horses, Part Two

As our horses get older, we often encounter difficult situations associated with the aging process. In this column, we’ll explore respiratory conditions, body weight concerns, optimal haircoat and skin condition,...

Jumping Clinic Classics: A Solid "A" Rider

This is a beautiful picture of a horse and rider team who look as if they can perform. If I were grading them, I'd give the rider a 96 and...

Forages for Aging Horses

As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, as a horse ages, its dental condition may deteriorate and digestive function usually becomes less efficient.  Horse owners will notice that their older horses...

Jumping Clinic Classics: Correct, Except the Turnout

There’s much to praise in this team’s performance. The relaxed, authoritative rider has a terrific leg, with heel down, ankle flexed, calf on her horse, good knee angle, and correct...

Jumping Clinic Classics: Top-Notch Form

This is an outstanding photograph. The rider is clearly framed for critiquing, and her form is top-notch. Her leg is just about perfect: stirrup on the ball of her foot, ankle...

Draw Reins: A Good Teaching Tool Only IF …

Gadgets are everywhere in the horse world; we might as well be as educated about them as possible. What's a gadget? In my classical world, it's anything beyond a simple...

Married with Horses: Feeding the Farm

Note from the author: The fifth paragraph in this column is rated PG13 for mild violence. If you are under 13 years old and not accompanied by an adult, please...

Readers React: Letters About "Star"

[/caption] I was very angry reading your column in the October issue. Why would anyone think that horses are put on this earth to further their own ambitions, and at what...

Jumping Clinic Classics: An Exciting Picture

| This is a very exciting picture: a very good rider on a tasty horse, in a beautifully photographed effort. The rider has a firm...

Active Interest Media Equine Network Wins 14 AHP Awards

June 28, 2010 -- Active Interest Media Equine Network's magazines and website won 14 awards at the American Horse Publications (AHP) Awards Banquet in Lexington, Ky., on June 19,...

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