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Riding with Fear after the Crash

It wasn't even my horse accident. But after witnessing a friend get bucked off in my arena, and dealing with the 911 aftermath (broken ribs, punctured lung, nearly a week...

Rider to Rider: Riding While Pregnant

With a lot of common sense and a little mother's intuition riding is no riskier than driving a car while you are growing this precious being inside of...

Married with Horses: On Saying Goodbye

I don't like funerals, but that's not why I'm missing this one. I spent the better part of the past two weeks trying to get the farrier and the...

Married with Horses: Horse Poor and Happy

It's getting hot here in North Carolina as we head into summer. Soon I will be setting the thermostat to 81 when my wife and I head for...

Flexor Tendon Sheaths In Horses Are Potential Cripplers

Tendons of muscles in horses that cross high-motion joints have synovial sheaths around them to facilitate the movement of the tendons up and down with extension and...

Marketing at the Grass Roots

No matter who comes up with whatever whizbang promotional program to sell equestrian involvement, the ultimate point of contact for every potential convert is the workaday horse world, where he...

Big Stops For Your Breakaway Horse

[/caption] In our last column, I mentioned that it’s vital for a breakaway horse to have a big whoa in order for your rope to break faster. This month, I’ll talk...

Jumping Clinic Classics: Nearly Faultless

In this photo we see a wonderful example of a rider who is really accompanying her horse and not (as we see far too often) going against the animal's forwardness....

Jumping Clinic Classics: Ready for an Advanced Release

This rider has a very good leg, with heel down, ankle flexed, toe out, and calf on the horse. Her base of support is excellent, her seat out of the saddle...

Jumping Clinic Classics: Somewhat Old-Fashioned

This photo is going to strike some readers as old-fashioned and perhaps irrelevant, but it is a wonderful example of a correct, balanced forward seat and a lovely...

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