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Dish Faces in Dressage

I judged my first Arabian dressage show 20 years ago in New Jersey. There were all of 15 rides. Since then I’ve watch the direction at Arabian breed shows turn not just toward more dressage entries but also toward the Sport Horse division, which includes both judging on the triangle and group hack classes. The clear emphasis is form to function. Arabian Sport Horse classes can be judged by any reg

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Team Spirit

This summer is extra lively here at the Thomas family's River Grove Farm in Hailey, Idaho. Not only do we have a barn full of great horses in training, but we also have Laura Graves, Kasey Perry and Matt Johnson here to train with Debbie McDonald.

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Water Management on Horse Farms During Drought

When water is at a premium, taking a little time to ensure there is little to no wastage can go a long ways to conservation. Here's a checklist of what you can do to preserve your water...

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