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Equine Cancer: Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma generally shows up first in the skin, particularly around the eyes, on the penis or vulva, and in other areas where skin meets mucous membranes. It's especially...

Glossary of Equine Terms - S

Saddlebred: Flashy breed of horse, originating in the US, known for its spectacular gaits. Saddle Horn: Prominent pommel at the front of a western saddle around which the...

Glossary of Equine Terms - C

Cannon Bone: The bone of the lower foreleg between the knee and the fetlock. Also called the "shin bone". In the hindleg, the corresponding bone is called the shank....

USEF Initiates Equine Disaster Relief Fund

September 5, 2007 -- In 2005 back-to-back hurricanes Katrina and Rita catapulted equine enthusiasts from around the country into a cooperative effort to assist horses and their owners after these...

Spotlight on Equine Mortality Insurance

[/caption] You've decided to purchase mortality insurance for your horse-life insurance, essentially, so you'll be able to continue your involvement in the sport even if the unthinkable happens and your horse...

Options in Basic Equine Insurance

[/caption] The basic types of coverage purchased by most horse owners are mortality and major medical policies, which roughly correspond to life and health insurance for people. Generally, mortality insurance reimburses...

USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund Accepting Donations

September 21, 2008 -- A full week after the torrents of Hurricane Ike battered the Gulf Coast of Texas, the scene is still one of shock and destruction. With over...

Horse Care

Information on every aspect of horse care and equine management, from health and nutrition to grooming and hoof care....

Glossary of Equine Terms - R

Racehorse: Horse bred for racing. Can be Thoroughred, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Standardbred. Rack: The fifth gait of the American Saddlebred - a flashy four beat gait. Rainrot:...

USEF Disburses Hurricane Equine Relief Fund

Jan. 5, 2006 -- When the clouds cleared on August 30, 2005, the full aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was shockingly revealed, and before the Gulf area could even assess all...

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