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Equine Reproduction and Foaling

There are many considerations to be made when deciding whether or not to have your mare put in foal - among them: Are you prepared for the expense of breeding the...

Equine Education

Winter is a good time to condition your tack, give your horse a vacation, and put up your feet by the fire. But frigid weather and bad...

Equine Insurance: Valuation

[/caption] Every horse has value. In choosing an equine mortality insurance policy you must consider the amount of coverage you actually need. You can insure up to 100 percent of the...

Equine Embryo Transfer

[/caption] I had been breeding Oldenburgs and Hanoverians for five years with fresh and frozen semen when, in 2007, I decided to try an equine embryo transfer (ET) with my dressage horse....

Equine Liver Disease Facts

A 2003 British study of 88 cases of equine liver disease identified several variables associated with the risk of disease and its likely outcome. Among the findings: Ponies were more likely...

Elite Equine Competitors Cloned

Note: This article originally appeared in the July 2005 issue of EQUUS magazine. Two elite equine competitors--one an endurance horse and the other a show jumper--have been cloned. A colt cloned...

Glossary of Equine Terms - T

Tack: Refers to the equipment of a riding horse - saddle, bridle etc. Short for "tackle." Tapeworms: Internal equine parasite. Teaser: Substitute stallion used to test the...

Glossary of Equine Terms - M

Mammoth Jack: Breed of donkey known for it's large size and height. Manege: An enclosure used for training and schooling horses. Also called a school. Mangalarga Marchador...

Glossary of Equine Terms - K

Knabstruper: Breed of horse from Denmark, known for its spotted coat, similar to that of the Appaloosa. Knackers: Slang word for slaughterhouse, abbatoir. Someone who buys horses at auction...

Glossary of Equine Terms - P

Pacer: A horse which moves its legs in lateral pairs, rather than the conventional diagonal pairs. Pack Horse: Horse used to carry goods in packs placed in packs...

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