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Postcard: 2012 Rolex Dressage, Day One

April 26, 2012 -- I rode the Rolex Kentucky 4-star cross-country course today. Well, to be more exact, I rode ON the Rolex Kentucky 4-star cross-country course today. I didn't jump....

Postcard: 2012 Olympic Dressage Selection Trial

Legolas' total for the four trials (two Grands Prix, two Specials, each counting 25 percent) was 77.653 percent. Second in the trials with a total of 76.873 was Tina Konyot...

Eventing: Ready for Prime Time?

The future of eventing is like the weather—everybody is talking about it, but nobody is ­doing anything about it. Among the ­influential thinkers in the sport, there is general agreement...

Balance Golf and Riding on Vacation

He's a 30-something male who started playing golf for business purposes and discovered that he loves the game. He dreams of a vacation during which he can play...

Postcard: Day 1, George Morris Horsemastership

Wellington, Fla., January 22, 2008 -- There was a flurry of activity when I entered the barn this morning prior to the George Morris Horsemastership Program's first day...

Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour

I couldn't believe my luck. My horse-tolerating husband Luke had actually agreed to go on a seven-hour horse farm tour with me. He even sounded excited to go...

Artist Andre Pater: A Matter of Light

"Hounds in a Kennel" -- oil painting by Andre Pater. In the summer of 2002 sporting art collectors gathered at Sladmore Gallery in...

Ride Your Horse in Washington, D.C.!

[/caption] Imagine riding a rocky gorge trail directly through the heart of Washington, D.C., or perhaps riding northward on the Potomac River’s famed C&O Canal, or to the south on gentle...

Caring For The Equine Athlete, According to Dougie Hannum

[/caption] Riders across the country are glad to see Dougie Hannum driving his car into their driveway or walking down their barn aisle at a competition. When they see him, they...

Still Not Ready for Prime Time: Eventing on Television

My daughter came home from foxhunting recently and said, “Daddy, there’s something about horses that makes smart people dumb.” Horsepeople do dumb things from time to time, especially when it comes...

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