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Longe-Line Class

Longe-line classes are where yearlings are shown at the end of a longe line. They offer owners a chance to get a jump on their horse’s riding career, as well...

Showmanship: Test of Lines and Details

Showmanship Pattern: Enter arena and walk to marker 1. Stop. Turn and jog diagonally across the arena, and set up with the rest of the class. When called, walk halfway to the judge. Stop,...

Horse Show Packing Lists

The items that go on your list will depend on the type of showing you do, and the sort of classes you enter. For example, if you event, you'll need...

Square Up Your Horse

Despite your possible preconceived notion about the subject, squaring up isn't just for show horses. The simple process of placing each hoof neatly on each of the...

Model Horses

[/caption] If you have read my previous feature entitled Horseless Horse Fun, you will know that my friend, Lorna, and I used to collect Britain's model horses when we were young....

Inside Judges' Minds

They’re the ruling class of the horse-show kingdom, reigning over their subjects from the center of the ring. They make—or break—your show day with the click of a pen. “They”...

Photo Gallery: 2007 Syracuse Invitational

View more photos from the 2007 Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament, including priceless shots from the Gambler's Choice costume class!...

Donkeys are Equids Too

Donkey Facts Horses are not the only members of the family Equus. Domestic donkeys, wild asses and also the zebra all belong to the genus Equus. Asses have been domesticated...

Heads Up on Horse Halters

When your horse's halter finally gives out or gets lost, the replacement isn't likely to get much thought. Halters are such commonplace tack items that they hardly seem...

Riding for Reading Receives Grants for 2007

January 17, 2007 -- Riding for Reading, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reading, literacy and education through equestrian sports and activities, received two important grants to help fund its...

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