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Horse Arena Footing

Poor arena footing can take the fun out of riding. Even worse, poor arena footing can create untold hardships for your horse, compromising performance, stealing confidence and putting...

Horse Psychology 101

I usually discuss physical ailments of the horse in this column. However, after reminiscing with a friend about some emotional or psychological problems with horses I've encountered over the...

Cross-Train Your Show-Pen Horse on the Trail

If you're among those who do most of their riding and training in an arena, you're not alone. In fact, as a trainer who specializes in preparing horses...

Keeping Your Rope Horse Fit and Fresh

Clay O’Brien Cooper’s favorite way of keeping his horses in shape, on the rare occasion that he is home, is to ride his horses down the road a ways....

Ten Horse Arena Work Boredom Busters

You'd rather be out on the trail or hauling your horse to some fun riding event. Instead, you're stuck riding in an arena. And merely going...

Ask the Pros--A Horse Ducking

Dear Logan, What do you do with a horse that ducks real bad and you can't get him out of it? Thanks, Tyler,...

Lateral 101: Move Your Horse Laterally, Diagonally

Getting your horse to move sideways off your leg (or move laterally) is key to getting total control of his body. Lateral control of the hind end and shoulders helps...

Summer Fun with Your Horse

During the summer, many of you enjoy the long summer break from school and the opportunities to have fun with your horse are endless. Or are they? As I was...

Cow Horse Boxing Class

First Encounter When your cow comes into the arena, keep your eyes glued on it for the duration of the run. Your first impression of the cow will give you insight into...

Horse Clothing


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