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Video series: 7 veterinary skills for horse owners

Watch these video demonstrations of the seven veterinary skills every horse owners needs, with Melinda Freckleton, DVM.

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George Williams on the Counter Canter

Dressage Olympian George Williams offers specific exercises to improve the counter canter

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Equine Spot-Ons Offer Round-the-Clock Inspect Protection

It’s a buggy world out there, and your horse often pays the price. Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, many pests that were only memories during the winter are coming out in full force. Your horse’s comfort — not to mention his health — may face increased risk from a number of insects unless you intervene.

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George Williams on the Counter Canter

Dressage Olympian George Williams explains the basics needed for a proper counter canter.

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Exercises to Develop Your Horse’s Straightness and Collection

The counter canter should feel exactly like a quality collected true canter: balanced, easy to sit and with an uphill tendency. Because the horse is well balanced, he enables the rider’s position to be correct; that is, the rider’s inside seat bone on the leading side is slightly lower and the horse elastically fills up the outside rein. In this situation, your horse is very receptive to half halt

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