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Adventures of a Novice Horse Show Manager

I've been to dressage shows. I've seen how smoothly they go. How hard could running one be? I've volunteered as a scribe and sat in a booth, watched...

Quieting a Jigging Trail Horse

Question: I mostly enjoy trail riding on my 8-year-old Half-Arabian gelding. He has a great disposition and is calm and focused in the arena, but when I'm out on the...

Managing a Hearing-Impaired Horse

Question: I think my new mare may be deaf. We recently had a load of lumber delivered, and it fell off the lift with a huge bang. All the other...

Horse Trailer Safety

[/caption] The following is a true story of a tragic accident that might have been prevented if a few basic safety checks had been followed. The barn at which I board my...

Video Review: Barrel Horse Wellness

When your seasoned barrel horse fights you going into the alleyway, or performs a not-so-good pattern, do you immediately take him to the practice pen to drill or punish him?...

Suppling the One-Sided Horse

Photos by Alana Harrison Does your horse willingly bend in one direction, but not as much in the other? When you enter the practice pen, does he prefer heading out in...

Ask Julie Goodnight: Your New Trail Horse

Q: How can I increase trust with my new horse on a new trail? I look forward to riding my new horse on the trail but our relationship is brand-new,...

Learning from Horse Wrecks

In the October '08 issue of Horse & Rider magazine pros shared the wrecks they've experienced, and the lessons they learned as a result. Here, Suzy Jeane, John...

Western Pleasure: Does Your Horse Anticipate?

Question: My senior Western pleasure horse has started trying to come to the center of the ring once the second-direction lope is called for. Since he never tries this at...

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