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Horse Training: With a Ball

[/caption] In this month's "Trainer on Demand" feature, Tommy Garland shared with us his online training program "Tommy's Tips." One of his techniques is training with a giant ball. Review "Having...

New Horse Sports

Trail and recreational riders, your time has come. What it is: An arena race against the clock, with obstacles that simulate typical ranch work and trail-riding conditions. How it began: In...

Pony A Horse

Pony boy, pony boy. Won't you be my pony boy? Don't say no, here we go, ride across the plains. Marry me, carry me, far...

Three National Horse Shows

Bob Bell's Classic Company is among America's premier equestrian competition management organizations. Among the shows he has organized are the Gulf Coast Winter Series, the Atlanta Series, and the highly...

Horse Show Bloopers

King of Spills The pro: Arabian trainer and judge Chris Culbreth of Wolf Springs Ranch in Colorado and Arizona, 2001 Arabian Horse World top Western pleasure trainer, and International...

Young Horse, Made Horse

A day on the trail is one of life's great joys, if you have the right horse for the job. And finding that horse isn't easy....

Choosing a Horse Trainer

I have a sensitive, intelligent Morab gelding that will be turning 4 years old in January. I plan to use him exclusively for trail riding. He's...

American Rope Horse Futurity Association

In nearly every other equine sporting event, the accomplishments of horses are as meticulously recorded as those of the riders. Cutting, reining, halter, pleasure,...

Horse Journal

Blogs: Horses Keep Us Grounded By Cindy Foley Cindy Foley is the Editor-in-Chief of Horse Journal, which focuses on real-life horse-product field trials with buying advice and recommendations. | READ MORE Blogs: The...

Horse Videos

How-to, info-filled horse videos from professional trainers, riders and other experts....

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